The Awakening, Justine Chamberlain

Mid-morning inspiration, starting at the beginning. The first poem in the first Confingo by Justine Chamberlain

When I ran with the wind it was silent

until I ran too far and it shook my ear

to stop me. But when I turned to listen

the sand sank, the sea swayed over my

sandal. It whispered promises to me

of eternity and beauty, of life

and stone, where scales and waves are together

within me, and the wind is my lover

to touch and glide over me, to chill

and excite me, to thrash with and dance,

to whirl through and envelop and be

enveloped by, in infinite tempest.

And all that was everything, and ever will be,

will be with me and all, in the depths of the sea.


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